Los Vladimirovich Владимирович Marath & Yurik Menswear Collective (LVM&Y.MC) brand was formed in 2010, when some individuals came together as an extended family to create clothing comfortable, high quality and different but without attracting attention.

About us

Based in the World … In the NSK Idea: Everyone as a world citizen - A world without physical territory.

The Collective LVM&Y.MC was created in order to present and examine the ideas of the Modern Man … from the perspective of designers. The Pursuit of Perfect Man …that is reflected in is work.
The Brand Designers and Les Collaborateurs (artists, photographers, & designers selected and invited to contribute with the Collective) grounded their creations in functionality, comfort, simplicity, little details & quality.

An artist collective is the result of a group of artists working together; follow the same ideologies, aesthetic and political views, living and working together as an extended family.

The collective intelligence made possible by the cross-combination of multiple creative minds and disciplines, the cross-fertilization of ideas and approaches.

Los Vladimirovich is a collective brand, which means everyone is included: from the seamstress and pattern makers, all the way through lawyers, interns, webmasters, graphic designers, the girl that stamps the cloth, any person who directly or indirectly reflects its influence in the Los Vladimirovich's clothing and accessories. We are not really interested in people acknowledging any of us as "a designer of Los Vladimirovich" , no one has the designer title, we want people to know and recognize our final work as a collective and not as an individual work.

Send us your CV in doc or pdf and a short letter about Why do you want to work with us? lescollaborateurs@losvladimirovich.com